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Tattoo Cafe | Sturgis Road ShowSturgis Road Show

Sturgis Roadshow Cafe

The Tattoo Cafe at the 1st annual Sturgis Road show will be a unique experience for tattoo enthusiasts. The tattoo cafe will host a group of hand picked, world class tattoo artists. This event is also sponsored by the leading tattoo supply companies: Drop of Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing, Critical Tattoo Supply, Eternal Ink & Machines, Mithra Tattoo Supply, Dead Mans Hand Tattoo Supply, Glove For The Artist Tattoo Supply, Damon Burns Tattoo Machines, Electric Soul Tattoo Machines, Coffin Case, Red Monkey Designs, LaPeau Ink After Care, Barrier Safe Solutions Int., Ink-Eeze, Black Dragon, Coffin Case, and Fight Dirty Clothing. For the tattoo collector this will be a fantastic weekend to get custom work from some of the top artists in the country in one location for three days! A perfect opportunity to get that commemorative tattoo or finally get that custom piece you have always wanted created for you. The artists were chosen for their diversity, style, and artistic abilities. These artists are the best and brightest in the business.

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