We know cruiser riders are passionate about their motorcycles and the freedom of the open road. We also know, what many motorcyclists are not in love with – their uncomfortable stock cruiser handlebar position.  Not only is long distance riding uncomfortable, fatigue and pain can lead to decreased control and safety on your motorcycle, and possible permanent damage to your body. Since 1992, HeliBars® has been known as the industry leader in replacement handlebars for sportbikes and sport-tourers, and now our R&D team has turned their attention to cruisers. Our patent-pending Horizon™ 3-Dimensionally Adjustable handlebars are uniquely qualified to address all of the shortcomings of the stock handlebar position and keep you doing what you love the most, RIDING!  The Horizon handlebars are designed to fit on stock motorcycles, in most cases using stock cables and hydraulic lines, saving the rider the frustration of trying to figure out how they will work on his or her bike. They fit a wide range of models, which means that when the time comes to get a new bike the Horizon handlebars can move from the old ride to the new. The rotating adjustment points have one or more motion limiters, which means safety is built in and there is no danger of the handlebars moving after they are torqued down. The finish is trivalent chrome, because motorcycles need to look good as well as feel good. Finally, this product means that there is no more searching for the perfect handlebar position – because when you purchase these handlebars you get “thousands of handlebars in one!”